Research Studies

Child health researchers are invited to submit research projects impacting pediatric surgical care at any time. The National Coordinator and the steering committee will conduct an initial review of all submissions prior to presentation and scoring by all CanCORPS institutions. In order to submit a new application or participate in an ongoing CanCORPS study, you must be a CanCORPS member or work with a designated Site Director.

Interested in participating? Contact the CanCORPS National Coordinator for the New Study Submission template or for more details regarding an existing study.

The following studies are currently underway by CanCORPS:

  • An Exploratory Evaluation of Pediatric Thyroid Surgery in Canada

    To document the provision of thyroid surgery in children across Canada and evaluate outcome differences based on alternate models of care.

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  • National Validation of a Risk Stratification System for Resource Utilization and Outcomes of Pediatric Appendicitis

    To prospectively validate a risk stratification system for perforated appendicitis that reliably predicts outcomes and resource utilization.

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  • Congenital Airway Malformations Registry (CaRMA)

    A comprehensive long-term registry has been created in REDCap. Our primary aim is to create, achieve and maintain a national Congenital Lung Malformation Registry.

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  • Gastrografin for Treating Small Bowel Obstruction in Children – Health Canada Clinical Trial

    The Therapeutic Role of Gastrografin for Treating Small Bowel Obstruction in Children: A Multi-Centre Canadian Prospective Study.

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  • Fetal Ovarian Cysts (Treatment and outcomes of prenatally identified ovarian cysts)

    Wide variation exists in the treatment of prenatally identified ovarian cysts. The effects of various treatment strategies on outcome are not known. We have conducted a retrospective multi-centre study across 10 sites including 247 patients, to assess treatments and outcomes in a national cohort, focusing on predictors of surgical intervention, and the potential effect of surgery on ovarian salvage.

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